Christmas Cupcake Baking Party!

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Ever since my kids were little we have always had the tradition of baking and decorating treats for Santa.  As the boys got older, Grace and I found ourselves decorating alone ( if you have boys you can probably relate) and we decided to try something different. So when my mother-in-law surprised Grace with a Babycakes cupcake maker, a new tradition was born.  I , for one, am just not a huge fan of baking.  Maybe it’s because I am not great at it, but it’s never been something I looked forward to.  The cupcake maker was a perfect solution for someone like me and very easy for older kids to use safely.  It’s a great activity for Tweens and would be fun for other holidays too-like Valentine’s Day !ftworth-photographer-cupcake-decorating-party-3Pin It

Ok, so I mentioned that I don’t care for baking and feel pretty much the same way about frosting making.  Betty Crocker makes a really good cupcake frosting that goes on beautifully….but what to do about those unsightly cans?  I peeled the labels off and wrote the color on the bottom with a sharpie.  They looked really cute, were easy to use and made minimal mess.  Also, it was easy to tell what color each canister was after the initial use!  Muffin pans also work very well for organizing sprinkles.ftworth-photographer-cupcake-decorating-party-2Pin It

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The girls had so much fun and created some great memories together!  Oh, and Santa said that cupcakes were a nice change of pace. ;)

Enjoy the remainder of your holiday season and have a wonderful New Year!!


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