“Life’s greatest happiness is to be convinced we are loved.”


We added lollipops adorned with layered cupcake wrappers that were left over from our baking session.  I hope you all have a very  Happy Valentine’s Day.



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  • The love is oozing out of these images! A spirited and created collection of images. I get the feeling that your beautiful daughter loves to pose which is unusual for a photographers child. If it’s true how lucky you are! You can see that she really enjoys the photo session.

  • admin

    thank you Kathy! She does love it and she adds her ideas as well.

  • Christina

    My son received Grace’s Valentine and I/we were compelled to look at your website! Love the nostalgic look! Thanks for sharing!

  • these are just fantastic.. I adore them

  • Katie

    OMG AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

This session is one of my favorites from last fall.  The light that time of year is truly magical and this day was no exception.  I have been asked if I enjoy working with older children and the answer is an adamant YES!!  Children between the ages of 7-12 are usually eager to be photographed and easy to work with.   Once they feel at ease with you the rest is effortless and fun.   Take a peek at these gorgeous siblings.



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  • cindy

    Oh how I love these Tamra! I can’t wait for this years christmas season so we can repeat it! Thank you so much, your work is amazing and your patience with kids is truly appreciated.

  • these are wonderful… I love the theme they have a great 40′s vibe to them