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[the wizard of oz… ballet recital 2013] fort worth photographer

“you’ve always had the power…” -Glinda the Good Witch Every year I look forward to Grace’s

[on standing out….] dallas fine art photographer

Never be afraid to stand out. It’s better to be remembered for standing out in a crowd than to be forgotten

[spring performance 2012…] dallas, ft worth fine art / child photography

In our home ballet is a huge part of our lives.  It’s not just dance, it is truly an art and we are proud of

[dance of the sugar plum fairies…] dallas/ft worth child photographer

Once a year we are invited to observe one of Grace’s classes at Margo Dean School of Ballet .  This is such a

[my ballerina…recital week] dallas/ft worth child photographer

Recital week..what can I say?  It’s a mixture of hectic schedules, rehearsals, costumes and excitement..but