Meet Mr. Steele, a little guy with a great big name!  He is such a cutie pie with his red hair and dimpled smile.  Look at all those expressions!! I love photographing babies at this age.  Many parents wait for that one year session and miss out on this adorable stage.  Babies at 6,7 and 8 months are so happy and can’t run away yet- so that’s a plus. hehe  Here are a few tips for photographing your 6-8 month old.

1.- Keep it simple-

Focus on baby’s expressions and get close.  It’s best not to attempt to over “pose” babies this age, especially if they aren’t sitting up steadily yet.  Instead, work around what baby is doing when he/she is happy.  Lay down beside your baby for intimate, interesting angles.

2.- Forget the shoes-

Don’t overwhelm your small baby with wardrobe.  Focus on those chubby little legs and adorable toes.  There will be plenty of time to dress your child up for portraits as they grow.  This stage goes by all too quickly and you’ll want to remember all those sweet baby “parts”.

3.-Keep it comfy-

Babies this age aren’t always sure about their surroundings, use soft blankets or baskets to keep baby comfy and away from itchy grass, etc.  If baby isn’t comfortable you are unlikely to get the shots you are hoping for.


All images are edited with my very own FTT Actions.  A favorite I used here and for editing babies in general is “Milkglass” from the FTT Nostalgia set. 



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  • Christa Curry

    Great job and adorable baby boy!